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The Wealthy Trucker podcast is an interview-style discussion between host Eric Neely, The Wealthy Trucker, and entrepreneurs, business owners, CEOs, pastors, leaders, coaches, trainers, and anyone else who sets big goals and pursues them.


Life has four basic areas that which one can grow wealthy: Faith, Family, Fitness, and Finance.


The discussion is focused on how one views and builds wealth in life in these four areas. What is a person’s mindset and how purposeful is he or she living while trying to achieve success? Very often high achievers are asked, “What is your daily morning routine,” to find a secret shortcut to success. I believe their success hinges on a much deeper meaning than that. People who are truly into entrepreneurship and wealth-building should be asked about what they focus on in life, what they are truly wealthy in, in life?



I believe that faith comes before everything in life. When I talk about faith, I am specifically referring to faith in Jesus Christ. I believe that a person who focuses on the values outlined in the bible will be nothing but successful. But what is success? I see success as consistently growing, learning, and achieving next-level things in life. It may sound cliché, but’s life’s not all about money.


Secondly, a truly wealthy person has a wealthy family life. Spending purposeful time with family and supporting one another builds deep character. The act of raising children and teaching and guiding them to achieve their own success while sacrificing time and energy to do it is a selfless act that requires greatness.


Third, a wealthy person has a healthy lifestyle. Fitness of mind and body go hand in hand and when one lacks it pulls the other down with it. It takes hard work to maintain a healthy mindset that is focused on getting better every day. It takes just as much work to maintain a rigid physique that can overcome and stave off sickness easily. A truly wealthy person who achieves high levels of success in life must have a healthy life.


Finally, finance comes into view. So very often when setting goals, we place making money at the forefront, this isn’t really what the wealthiest people focus on though. Financial wealth only comes when it is well planned for and strategically achieved. Everyone wants financial wealth, but most aren’t willing to put in the work and sacrifice it takes to truly achieve it. It’s fine to desire nice fun things or expensive trips and extravagant living, but as it is clearly stated in the bible in 1st Timothy 6:10, “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.” It is paramount to achieve true wealth one must remain focused on faith, family, and fitness before finance because to focus on money is to ignore the important things in life.

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