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IRA in Real Estate?

Did you know that you can invest your IRA into real estate? 

We work with Self-Directed IRA Fiduciaries that make the process easy and simple.

The financial firm will transfer your IRA funds into a self-directed account, giving you the ability to invest your funds in multi-family real estate assets.

Your money remains in an IRA while invested in a multi-family asset, maximizing tax benefits in multiple ways.

Take control of your retirement investment strategy with a Solo 401(k) or Self-directed IRA

The solo 401k plan is a business-owner's 401k plan. To qualify for a self-directed Solo 401k, you'll need:

  1. The presence of self-employment business activity

  2. The absence of full-time W2 employee (other than you or your spouse) in your business(es)

We specialize in getting you "checkbook control" of your retirement funds. Essentially, this means we help you get your retirement funds into your direct control. Usually, this will be either a bank or brokerage account (or both) where you are the signor so you decide where/how the funds are invested. We'll help you open the bank/brokerage accounts for your 401k plan, but we never touch your money. 


Some of the most popular investments with self-directed Solo 401k accounts are real estate, cryptocurrency, stocks, bonds, funds, apartment syndications, private placements, tax liens, gold & silver, and mortgage notes. With our plan, you can invest in all of those assets, and more.


Our Solo 401k plan includes a participant loan. This means you can loan yourself 50% of your 401k money (up to $50,000), tax-free from the Solo 401k plan to yourself. You have five years to pay your Solo 401k plan back, and you keep 100% of the interest on the loan in your Solo 401k.


We automatically include a Roth sub-account in your Solo 401k as well as a pre-tax and Roth sub-account for your spouse. That means you get access to four 401k accounts in one Solo 401k plan for the greatest flexibility.


The Checkbook IRA is composed of two parts: A) self-directed IRA + B) special purpose LLC.


Essentially, it's a more powerful IRA because it puts you in direct control of your retirement funds. Instead of paying the custodian asset and transaction fees, the IRA funds are invested into the LLC and the you manage your LLC. 


The IRA funds end up in the LLC bank account and the you controls the bank account. 


Therefore, if you want to invest in an apartment syndication, you can simply have the shares/PPM/purchase agreement titled in the name of your LLC and wire the funds directly without needing the custodian. 


Let me know if you have any questions after you review the materials. You can call me anytime at (877) 765-6401 at your convenience. We specialize in helping complete your research so you can make an informed and intelligent decision when opening your account with us. 


Best regards,


Rachel Nabers

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