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The Basic Process

TWT Capital purchases properties with a combination of investor funds and bank funds leveraged perfectly to maximize profits and tax benefits.
Also, did you know that you can invest your IRA into real estate? TWT Capital works with Self-Directed IRA Fiduciaries that make the process easy and simple.

Step One

Find the property

Our vast network allows us to be in contact with other operators and brokers nation wide.
We have a daily focus of seeking out new properties that will perform to our standards.
Once a property has been identified the negotiations begin.


Due Diligence

This is the most important step in the process, and consequently the most time consuming and demanding.
Before we are willing to close on a property many checks and inspections are made to insure that no surprises will occur after the purchase is complete.
Many times there are problems with the property and that is how we make such high returns for our investors.
We find the problems, negotiate the price down, and lock in amazing profits.

Step Three

Certify funds and close deal

Every deal is unique but is funded in the same basic way.
We must abide by SEC rules when promising a return on someone's investment.
We have an amazing legal team that puts together all required legal documents assuring that your money is as safe and secure as possible.
We are very conservative with how we handle funds, so we make sure there is an abundant "rainy day" fund available at all times for when the unexpected baseball fly's through a window or an A/C unit breaks.

Step Four

Watch and Wait

Once the property is officially under our control the clean up begins.
We work with highly professional property management companies that handle the day to day processes at the property.
It is their job to carry out the business plan we have put into place to bring the property back up to maximum efficiency.
This process can take anywhere from a few months to 24 months to complete depending on how mistreated the property had been in the past.
We are excited to see this process take place because it makes the residents very happy to see their home being taken care of or even remodeled.
We encourage our investors to drive by their property to see what their money is achieving.

Step five

Show me the Money

After three to five years of operating at maximum efficiency with our investors receiving regular quarterly distributions we will assess the next best financial move to make.
Sometimes it is best to refinance at this time and return some, if not all, investor funds.
This opens up a new opportunity for us to take on a new project with the same funds that were used on the initial deal.
Since the highest profits are generally attained immediately after the rehab it only makes since to reallocate investor funds into a new project once the first one becomes fully stabilized.

Now that you know how TWT Capital operates you can be confident that your hard-earned funds will be well cared for.

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