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William Carpenter


The Full Story

Eric Neely and William Carpenter started investing in apartments together to build the most stable retirement plan they could come up with. 

Eric has worked in the transportation industry for most of his adult life. During that time he worked as a delivery driver, salesman, supervisor, trainer, consultant, and over-the-road driver. Eric transitioned into real estate investing to escape the "craziness" of the stock market and to secure a solid plan for retirement. Once involved in apartment investing passively he decided that active ownership of his own properties would help him achieve his financial goals even faster. 


William Carpenter has worked in the financial sector for most of his adult life. He has been in public accounting handling audits, payroll, taxes, etc. He has also worked as a controller in the construction industry. William joined forces with Eric because "The numbers just make sense," and creating multiple streams of income is always on his mind.     

Febros Capital is the company name they came up with.

(Feb) as in February - (bros) as in bro's

William and Eric were both born in February and have been close friends since middle school.

Invest wisely during this life and in your life

Febros Capital is for Accredited, Non-Accredited, 1031 Exchange, Family office, Retirement Accounts, and more.

Joint Venture, Syndication, and Asset Management is how Febros Capital partners with you.

Apartment buildings are one of the most proven and stable assets on earth. They are one of the only investment vehicles that generate accessible cash flow and great long-term returns.

We thrive on putting together deals that benefit investors and also benefit the residents of our properties while at the same time improving neighborhoods. We are dedicated to ethical business practices because we are not only putting your hard-earned money to work, we are impacting our tenant's living conditions for the better.

Febros Capital is based in the heart of the country in Wichita, KS. We are laser-focused on assets in the mid-west because of the stability and consistency they offer. This is a great place to place 1031 money in apartment communities and Febros Capital will manage your asset through a joint venture.

Also, syndication is a key element to Febros Capital, so if you are interested in passive income or "mailbox money" contact Febros Capital today.


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